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Imperial / Traditional Osetra Caviar from SUSHISAMBA




SUSHISAMBA introduces an exclusive caviar label curated by SUSHISAMBA’s global team of sushi chefs, featuring the finest Traditional and Imperial Osetra Caviar.

In the United States, Regional Corporate Executive Sushi Chef John Um worked for over a year to select the final world-class, salt-cured roe, inspired by similar efforts in London which were helmed by Executive Sushi Chef Tai Po.

Our Traditional Osetra Caviar is creamy and nutty with an intense saltiness. Every shipment includes a SUSHISAMBA-branded mother of pearl spoon.

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Shipping information: To ensure the highest quality of freshness, this product is shipped via overnight service only. This order cannot be delivered on Mondays. An order placed by 12pm EST will ship on the next business day.



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